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Why us

Dedicated to Excellence in Autism Treatment

Our team is committed to providing the highest quality care and support for children with autism and their families. We strive to create a welcoming, nurturing environment where each child's unique needs are understood and addressed. Our compassionate, skilled professionals use evidence-based techniques to help children build essential communication, social, and behavioral skills for a brighter future.

Evidence Based Approach

Over the past 50 years, numerous studies have shown that an Evidence Based Approach is the most effective approach to autism treatment. ABA is a scientific method that teaches new behaviors and modifies existing ones, resulting in lasting improvements.

Compassionate Staff

Empathy and understanding foster a supportive environment, enhancing the effectiveness of the intervention and promoting positive outcomes for individuals with autism.

1:1 Personalized Care

1:1 RBT-to-child ratios in ABA are essential, as they ensure each child receives individualized attention and tailored intervention. This personalized support, along with consistent feedback and reduced distractions, promotes efficient skill acquisition. Furthermore, the close relationship between RBT and child enhances engagement and progress, while also fostering strong collaboration with families.

Personalized Care

Parent Training

Parent training in ABA is important because it increases consistency, promotes generalization of skills, and contributes to long-term success. By providing parents with the necessary skills and knowledge to implement behavior interventions at home, children are more likely to experience sustained behavior change, which can lead to improved outcomes in the long run.

Attention to detail

Ongoing Monitoring and Evaluation

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation in ABA involves collecting and analyzing data to monitor progress, make data-driven decisions, and ensure that therapy goals are being met. The process of ongoing evaluation helps ABA therapists individualize treatment, make adjustments as needed, and provide the best possible support to their clients.


Skill Acquisition

Skill Acquisition in ABA therapy involves identifying target skills, using evidence-based teaching methods to teach those skills, and promoting generalization and maintenance of the skills learned in therapy. By focusing on Skill Acquisition , ABA therapy can help our clients learn important skills that will help them function more independently and successfully in their daily lives.

ABA Typical Service Hours



Full Days

Our full day sessions are designed with structure in mind. Longer sessions are beneficial to getting a child ready for the school environment. As well as promoting social skill development, full day as well as extended days have been linked to better long-term outcomes. As ABA is usually most effective with a minimum 25 hours.



Afternoon services are a way for clients who attend school or other programs can still receive the benefits of ABA.



In-home ABA schedules, tailored to client and therapist availability, provide a structured approach for therapy sessions that focus on skill development, behavior modification, and overall well-being. (*Center dependent some locations do not offer in-home/in-school* )

We welcome kids into our 2-8’s program based on their birth year.
*All services are provided on a case by case basis and depends on the severity of the behaviors and medical necessity all hours are advised by a BACB so we do provide any services that are not approved or deemed medical necessary by our clinical team as well as your insurance*